FAQs - Client Involvement 

3. Are There Other Decisions That I Should Think About Making?

Because each case is unique, no bright dividing line separates important decisions that the client should make from other decisions that lawyers can be expected to make. Generally, a decision is important if it is likely to have a substantial legal or non-legal impact on a client. Two lawyers handling the same case may sometimes reasonably disagree about whether to leave a particular decision to the client. In the final analysis, clients who want to make as many potentially important decisions as possible should do the following:

Repeatedly tell their attorneys that they want to participate in the decision-making whenever feasible;
Include in their lawyers fee agreements a clause allocating decision-making to the client whenever feasible;
Insist that their lawyers counsel them with respect to their alternatives, and the likely consequences of each; and
Match deeds to words by making decision expeditiously as the opportunities arise.