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Traffic Court Attorney - Nicholas George - Seattle Criminal Attorney & DUI Attorney

Traffic Ticket Attorney Offers Legal Defense In Seattle

If you have recently been convicted of a moving violation in Seattle, Seattle Traffic Attorney Nicholas George can help.

If you feel that you have been wrongly convicted, or perhaps feel that your conviction is excessive, you may seek the assistance of an attorney such as Nicholas George, who works with traffic ticket situations all the time, and has a high percentage of Traffic case dismissals.

Nicholas has extensive experience representing negligent driving first degree charges, hit and run driver charges, and is well versed in how to get a speeding ticket dismissed in court.

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Driving While License Suspended (DWLS)

If you have been charged with driving while your license is suspended you could be facing jail time, fines, and a criminal conviction on your driving record along with increased insurance rates. If you are accused of driving with your license suspended it is important to have an attorney at your side.

Third Degree is the most common crime of driving while your license is suspended. This is a crime punishable up to 90 days in jail ad a $1,000 fine. You can be charged with this even if you did not know your license was suspended. All the prosecutor has to prove is that you drove your car while your license was suspended.

Second Degree is punishable by up to one year in jail and a ... Read More

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Hit and Run Driver Accident

Charges of a hit-and-run are serious as you are subject to up to a year in jail, a $5,000 fine and license suspension in addition to higher insurance rates.

This is a crime that involves hitting a vehicle where there is either a drier or an occupant who is not injured and then leaving the scene. If you are a driver involved in an accident with an occupied vehicle, you must stop and provide your name, address, insurance information, vehicle license number, and driver's license. If you leave the scene without providing this information and are later found, a charge of hit-and-run 'attended' will almost certainly be filed. The state has two years from the date of the incident to file cha... Read More

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Intermediate Licenses: Teenage Drivers Can and Cannot Do

If you are a teenage or the parent of a teenager, you are probably aware that the process to get your license is more complex these days. At sixteen and seventeen you can no longer simply receive an adults driverís license. There is a whole process now, where a teenager has to go through a graduated licensing process. This process starts with an intermediate license where teens are restricted to a probationary period. This means with an intermediate license a teenager has more restrictions than an adultís license. It is important to know exactly what these restrictions are and mean for teenagers.

Intermediate Licenses are Governed by 46.20.075

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Intermediate Licenses: What Teenage Drivers Can and Cannot Do Cont.

RCW 46.20.267 Intermediate License Restrictions

A person using an Intermediate License who violates a traffic offense described in RCW 46.61 or the restrictions on an Intermediate License under RCW 46.20.075 (above) will be subjected to the following:
1. First Conviction: The department shall mail the parent or guardian of the teen violator a warning letter. The letter also includes the consequences for any subsequent violations:
2. Second Conviction: The Department of Licensing will suspend the personís immediate driverís license for six months, or until the person reaches eighteen years of age; whichever comes first. The parents or guardian will receive a noti... Read More

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Reckless Driving or Racing

If you have been charged with reckless driving or racing, the penalty could be up to one year in jail, $5,000 fine, and a thirty (30) day license suspension. On top of the penalties you will have to file as a SR 22 or high risk insurance that is in place for three years.

Police can issue charges for anyone speeding over twenty (20) miles per hour over the sped limit. Reckless driving is defined as driving with willful and or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.

You can be charged with racing even if you are not speeding. Police can compare two vehicles with the speed they are driving. You do not have to know the other driver to be charged. It is important to h... Read More

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Speeding Tickets

Not only can reckless driving or racing drive up your insurance rates, but speeding tickets can also make your insurance rates higher for three years.

RCW 46.61.440 Ė The speeding statute. Speeding tickets are infractions that insurance companies pay attention to for raising rates. Speeding tickets can be based on pace, radar, laser, lidar, aircraft, or visual estimates. Officers do not have to make you sign the ticket or even had you the ticket. They can mail you the ticket after they observe you.

RCW 46.61.440 Ė The speeding in the school zone statute. If you have been issued a ticket for speeding in school zone this is a serious offense. The fine you are subjected to is highe... Read More

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Seattle Traffic Attorney - Get Your Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Seattle Traffic Court Lawyer Nicholas George - Traffic Law Expert

A traffic violation can be as minor as failing to signal when changing lanes or as serious as reckless endangerment. By law, these infractions are considered criminal offenses because they put people in danger.

If you were recently cited for a traffic violation in Seattle such as speeding, it's important that you take legal action as soon as possible. If you want to get your ticket dismissed, you need a competent Traffic Court Attorney working for you.

Traffic Court Attorney Nicholas George wins nearly 90% of cases

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